Sermons by Pastor Mark Biel

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The Church of His Presence – 3-3-19 – Pastor Mark Biel


The Church of His Presence – 3-3-19 – Pastor Mark Biel The title is not referring to John Kilpatricts church in Daphne Alabama by that name – although it is a great church – The title is meant to prompt us to consider if this church – Conneaut 1 st Assembly is a church of […]

Holy Spirit Help Me!!! – 2-24-19 – Pastor Mark Biel


Holy Spirit Help Me!!! – Recording Last week the Holy Spirit helped us to see that God’s normal is super-natural – That all of us need God’s super – to be attached to our normal so that as a Spirit-filled church we can experience the super natural as normal. When the community of Conneaut hears […]

HERE I AM – 2-17-19 – Pastor Mark Biel


HERE I AM I ask the Holy Spirit to help lead my study – to guide me toward the finish line of sharing insights and revelation that can change our lives and possibly more importantly change the lives of those around us. So many of our neighbors – friends and acquaintances are still lost – […]